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Join our HopsHead Guild and be the first to find out the latest news from Hops Supply Co.

Local folks around Wilmington know that it pays to have the inside scoop at HopsCo. That is why we’ve created the HopsHead Guild. What is it? Just an easy way for us to communicate with our most loyal patrons.

joining is easy and free.

Fill out this form right here— whichever is easiest for you. We give you options to make your life easier because we love you and want you to have nice things.

What does being “in” get you?

Well, we won’t mail you an official membership card or anything, but the HopsHead Guild will ensure that you’re the first to know about what we’re up to here at Hops Supply Co. We may clue you into a new dessert that only Guild members will know to order, or perhaps an invitation to an after-hours beer cask party. You never know what we have up our sleeve around here! Well, actually if you sign up… you will.

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