Introducing Katsuji

12:37 pm, Tuesday June 15th, 2021

HopsCo.’s New Culinary Innovator

HopsCo. is taking over 2021 with new flavors…and new faces. If this new face seems familiar, you’re probably right. Katsuji Tanabe has made several television appearances, including “Top Chef,” “Chow Masters,” and more. Working alongside our Executive Chef Brett Chamberlain and GM Jason Ivady, Katsuji has helped create a new vision for the future of HopsCo. He has teamed up with us, along with our sister restaurants, to elevate the dishes to new levels. Looking for Katsuji’s influence? We recommend starting with the Kung Pao Calamari or the Cornbread (a Katsuji Tanabe family recipe). We also recommend the Gastro Burger. Big enough to share, but you definitely won’t want to.

The LM Restaurant family

We are excited to be bringing on Katsuji across the LM Restaurant family as our Culinary Innovator for all of our restaurants, including HopsCo.! We have 3 other locations in Wilmington, including Henry’s Restaurant & Bar, the Oceanic, and Bluewater Grill. Heading to Raleigh? We currently have 2 locations there: Taverna Agora & Vidrio. Stay tuned as we continue to elevate the restaurant industry.

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