locals know

what’s hoppenin’

Saturday, May 8th

Party Planning Season is Here

Our Pub Room, way cooler than a banquet hall

this looks fun!

HopsCo Food & Drinks

Sunday, May 9th

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Brunch

this looks fun!

locals know

delicious food
when they taste it

At Hops Supply Co., we are dedicated to the craft of excellent cuisine and delivering hops in their most perfect form exemplified by our selection of craft beers. As hops are the heart of flavor for beer, our local seasonal ingredients are the soul of our culinary inspired American fare. Keeping it fresh, flavorful and at times, unexpected, are the goals we will continue to hit with our first-class service, menu, and bar.


locals know

how to keep their
spirits lifted

Smooth, suave, and sophisticated. Kind of like us. Try our Handsome Flight of Premium Single Barrel Bourbons or our own Barrel-Aged Manhattan. We also serve up some of the finest craft brews around. Choose from our rotating selection of microbrews or tempt your taste buds with one of our craft cocktails. We are proud to offer a pretty classy selection of wines both on tap and in the bottle.


on saturdays & sundays


brunch specials • our famous $2 mimosas
live music on sundays from 11a-3p


let’s get this party started


enjoy delicious food and drinks with up to
75 of your closest friends or business associates

locals know

the scoop before
anyone else

Join the HopsHead Guild to get the skinny on what’s going down at Hops Supply Co. It may be a dessert that only our HopsHead Guild members will know to order, or an invitation to an after-hours beer cask party. Who knows what we have up our sleeve? Well, actually you will. Welcome to the Guild.

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